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Accent walls are a great way to add some interest and design to any room! They can be used to as a focal point and attract attention as soon as someone walks into a room or you can use it as a softer, background piece that will compliment the pieces you already have in your room. What can you do with an accent wall?

Like wallpaper, wood accent walls have a very diverse uses. Wood walls can be a background piece or be a showstopper. It all depends on how you use the product. Wood walls are a great neutral piece that will work well with a variety of styles! Below we have added some photos to show these!

Paint is a rather inexpensive solution to creating a accent wall. There is so much you can do with paint. Choosing a color and pattern, if any, will really be the deciding factor while creating your accent wall.

Adding pattern, other designs, and certain colors will allow the wall to become an accent piece in your space. Using neutral colors or light shades of other colors will keep the wall for standing out to much and will allowed other pieces to become the focal point of the room.

Wallpaper is a great way to add an accent wall that can easily be removed or changed. Most of our wallpapers offer SureStrip which makes removal super easy. These accent walls are not very limited in the look you can achieve. Wallpaper comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and designs! You can create wallpaper walls that become the focal point of your room or have a wall that just accents the pieces already in the room. One wallpaper design that we love is the brick look. There are so many things you can do with a room when you have control over the wall coverings.

Tin wall coverings are a great addition to spaces. This material is relatively uncommon but can still be used efficiently in a space! Using this as an element would add a rustic aesthetic feel to your home. The great thing about tin is that the metal is very resistant to corrosion.

Chalkboard Walls are something our intern Taryn loves to incorporate into her designs! Chalkboard walls can be used in so many ways for such a large variety of reasons.

These accent walls work great in playrooms. They are a  great way for children to be able to draw on the walls, practice lettering, design and more. Additional use for the parents would be for them to write schedules, chore list, or as teaching/learning tools. Chalkboard walls can also be used in kitchens. This is a decorative accent as well as a place to write quotes, family schedules, recipes, quick reminders, and other designs. Offices are another great place for chalkboard walls. They can be utilized as a place to write to do lists, inspirational quotes and more! With a chalkboard wall imagination is the extend of its design capabilities.

Picture frames could be such a cool idea to add interest to one of your walls! This would a great way to add some personal flare and give you a wide variety of possible looks. There are so many things you can put into the picture frames, along with the picture frame itself that will help you create almost limitless interiors.

Here are some ideas we have pulled together just for you;

  1. Friends and family: This one seems common but this is a great way to add your love ones into your spaces. This is a nice thing to put into your picture frame collage because it will be easy to switch out photos if wanted to without changing the look of the space.

  2. Landscapes: Want to add some colorful flowers or your favorite cityscape? Now is the time! To create extra interest use a black and white photo with only a pop of color. You can find a photo frame this color to add fun and playful color.

  3. Historical Figures/Events/ Monuments: Add some history into your space! There are many thing you can do with this which will turn you interior into whatever you want it to be.

  4. Inspirational Quotes: The sky is the limit with this one. Have any quotes you like? To crazy! Add some quotes with pictures, black and white or in color.

  5. Graphic Designs: Adding graphic designs will bring a cool look to your space. you can go a lot of different ways so look around and see what you can find! Don’t be afraid to frame your own artwork as well!

  6. Leave a Couple Empty: There is beauty in simplicity as well. Consider leaving some of them empty and allowing the color of the wall behind it come through. As you can see in one of the photos you can put a simple letter resting on the frame and the creates a cool look as well.

Mix it up! You can mix and match all of these ideas as well as types, finishes, and colors of the picture frames to create a great accent wall! Need some help with this? Don’t worry, we gotcha covered. Come on in to Albritton Interiors and we can help ya through the design process!

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