Decorative Paper

Decorative paper can be a great way to disguise an old soup can! This will give you a lot of design options. Print or cut something out or draw it yourself! Decorative paper would be a good material to store office supplies like pencils, pens, colored pencils, and crayons.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint is a great way for you to be able to add labels to your cans! These can be used for a variety of projects. Add some potting soil and a herb. Label the side of the can with name, water schedule, and how much sun to give.

Comic Strip

Have a favorite comic series that always makes you laugh? Well, stick it on a can and put it on your office desk so you can get a laugh every time you reach for a pen! Use a black and white comic strip to get a more neutral look if you already have a lot of colors going.


One way to fancy up your design is to wrap the can in chord. Carefully, using a hot glue gun. Start at the bottom of the can and slowly wrap the chord tightly around. You should be hot gluing the chord to the can as you go around. You can add to your design! For a beach-y feel, hot glue some seashells around the can as well. This would look good as a toothbrush holder, or as a kitchen utensil holder as well.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper is a great way to give yourself a neutral background to work with! Go crazy and add whatever you want. Paste on pictures or stick on some stickers, maybe cover the entire paper in glue and then glitter!


Simply adding ribbon around the soup can will make it look prettier without loosing the authenticity of the can. There is many things you can do with this creation. This can be used to plant flowers or to hold a lot of straws at the end of a buffet table!

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