Are you tired of the same old Valentines Day gifts with the “nobodies favorite” candies? Change it up this year! Here at Albritton Interiors we have come up with some cute and creative gifts that are quick, easy, and will surely bring a smile to any classmates face! Ready to get crafty?

Out of this World Valentines

These Valentines are a fun way to leave out the candy and give bouncy balls as little gifts instead!!!

  1. Start with a Black piece of task board (paper should be thick enough to support the bouncy ball but thin enough to easily cut through)

  2. Use stencil to trace a heart. This will be the form of the actual Valentines Day card so make sure it is big enough to write a message as well as have a hole to fit the bouncy ball in.

  3. Use a stencil or a compass to create a circle for the bouncy ball (we put our bouncy ball in the top left corner)

  4. USE CAUTION to cut out both the your heart and circle with an x-acto knife .

  5. Write message and decorate front with a white marker! You can draw stars, a moon, or little alien ships! Some ideas for message would be “You are out of this world!” or a plain “Happy Valentines Day!”

  6. Place your bouncy ball into your Valentines! If the hole turns out a little to big you can add tape on the back to hold it in place!

paint chip valentines

An inexpensive and colorful valentine you can make are paint chip valentines.

  1. Collect some paint chip! Paint shades of pink, red, and purple will be the most in the Valentines day spirit but feel free to use any color!

  2. Decorate your Valentines Day gift. Use a shape hole-puncher to cut our hearts on the different colors! Don’t have a hole-puncher? No worries! You can draw hearts instead!

  3. Write your message on the paint chip. A cute idea would be writing one word per box!

  4. Attach a goody! You can attach a piece of candy, a pencil, eraser, or other small toys!


This Valentines Day hand out will take a little more time than the others but is still super fun and creative!

What you need:

Embroidery string (you can either stick to the Valentines day colors, or personalize for each classmate!)   –   Scissors   –   Card stock   –   Markers!

Take the string and follow any string tie bracelets tutorial. Here is a great one to start off with!  Make enough bracelets for the entire class. (Your child’s teacher might wanna join in!) Write messages like “This year would KNOT be the same with out you!” or “5th grade would KNOT would be as great if we weren’t all in the same class!”. Attach bracelets to your cards by cutting slits in each side and threading bracelets though. The class will love having matching friendship bracelets with everyone!

Now that you have got some ideas it is time to get crafty!!! Feel free to get crafty and add your own twists to the gifts! We hope you enjoy these Valentines Day gift ideas and your creations steal the show this February 14th.

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