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We all flip through magazines and see interiors that we fall in love with but know that the price tags attached to these is not for us. We have come up with a couple of interiors that use brands that we carry to replicate the beautiful interiors designed by famous designers!

Designer: Jamie Drake

In this design we saw many items that were very similar to items that we sell. The different pieces come from many vendors including CR Laine, Uttermost, Furniture Classics and more! With the many colors and finishes that CR Laine offers we were almost able to perfectly re create the furniture with only a little difference in the frames! All of these small changes can be made by you when you custom order furniture! Ask a designer how to get started!

Designer: Mariette Hornes Gomez

This interior, designed by Gomez matches well with the style of design that we do here at Albritton Interiors. Using our brands; Uttermost, Cr Laine, Paladin, and Kaleen Rugs we were able to easily recreate this interior! Our brands can compete with the best of them!

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