The mantle above your fireplace is one of the most and first things seen when you walk into a living room. They have the potential to be a great focal point if they are designed effectively! Are you thinking about updating your mantle? Well it’s time to get started! Albritton Interiors has everything that you will need! We have pulled together some ideas just for you! Stop in today to see what we have for your mantle!

First Things First

When you are designing a mantle you should keep in mind a triangle over the mantle. This is called your anchor and will fill in the to angle of your triangle. There are five things to keep in mind. The first being one big piece in the center. This is the biggest piece and what pulls the eye when you walk into the room, so make sure its something you like! Look for a fun, or traditional mirror, get a large clock, hang some art, or get creative with an old window pane!

Next is visual weight!! This belongs on either side of your big piece and creates the bottom angles of the triangle. This gives you room to place items that are a medium height! This will also help you bridge the gap between the bigger piece and the smaller items you will place on the mantle. Plants, vases, other art work, and medium sized picture frames will do the trick!

To create the bottom line of the triangle, add accessories of varying heights to the mantle. This is a great place to give your design a personal touch! This will fill the mantle so it will begin too look full, but be careful not to put to much stuff, you might find yourself making it look a little too cluttered! Good items to use as filler are small knick knacks, picture frames, bookends with your favorite pieces of literature, and small florals.

The next tip is layering! Don’t be afraid to layer items in your design. It is okay for picture frames and other objects to over lap! This creates a cool effect and allows your mantle design to look more than 2D.

The last tip we have is to add movement into your design. Movement is a principle of design which means you suggest motion within your design . This is easily completed by a object that is curvy. Vases, containers, and even candle holders are a good way to fulfill this! The place that these will look the best is in the weight section, which is the medium sized pieces that go on either side of your large, main anchor.

Follow those suggestions and you will be on the way to creating a magazine worthy, fireplace mantle! Come by Albritton Interiors and check out all the accessories that are waiting to be placed on your mantle! Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Ask a designer! We will be happy to order you what ever you are looking for! Too excited to wait? We don’t blame you! Go ahead on over to Uttermost’s website and take a peak around!

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