We are now offering unfinished stain and finish as well as pre-finished wood flooring. Why limit yourself to run of the mill flooring and settle for something you “kind of like” or the grain and color “isn’t that bad”, when you can customize your wood flooring to be exactly what you want and love your floor? We will give complete estimates to customers for free, all jobs will be priced and supervised by our wood specialist Scott Manning. To set up your estimate please contact him directly at 252.916.2775 or you can come to our Greenville showroom to see pre-finished wood as well as some unfinished wood examples.

Pre-finished wood vs Stain and Finish – Engineered or Solid

With pre-finished wood, the stain is baked into the wood or wear layer and generally there is an oxidized protective layer that makes the product harder resulting in a longer life-span. However, with unfinished wood there is a much larger variety of wood species, widths, stains and finishes available. Choose from red or white oak, hickory, exotics, etc. and a variety of oil based stains. Your unique floor can have the level of distressing you want, width, color, and even pattern design with multiple stains! Also, if you have wood flooring in your home and you would like to extend it, unfinished wood allows you to easily match existing floors with finish and level of distressing.

IMG_0183 IMG_0181

Acclimation of Wood to New Construction and Existing

With any wood flooring, whether it’s pre-finished, engineered, solid, or unfinished, being a natural product it needs time to acclimate (some need more than others). Wood expands and contracts with the level of moisture in the home and temperature changes. With our unfinished wood, we will drop-ship the unfinished wood to your home where it will sit for 1-2 weeks in order to acclimate to the conditioned space. For best results, allow for another 1-2 weeks of acclimation when the flooring has been installed. The wood will finish acclimating to about 4% of the sub-floor moisture, then it can be stained and finished. As with refinishing existing wood floors, we use a dust containment system to ensure efficiency and that the rest of your home is not affected during the process.

IMG_0185 IMG_0184

Installation of unfinished wood prior to stain and finish process.

dust containment hand staining

Dust containment system and staining of unfinished wood flooring.

custom wood work_install unfishished inlay custom wood work

Ability to install custom patterns with multiple stains on either the same or different wood species to create a beautiful unique floor.

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