Starting to decorate your new nursery can be overwhelming but don’t worry! We have some tips and tricks for you to be on your way to designing your dream nursery in no time! If you have no idea what you want to do or where to start you can start on our Pinterest at! We have a whole board of baby nurseries that we can’t wait for you to check out! Read on and explore our tips and tricks to designing and organizing your new nursery.


Start With the Big Stuff

Some of our designers at Albritton Design like to start with the big stuff. The big things that you will not survive without! Like a crib, changing table, and a comfortable chair for you! People always talk about how important a comfortable chair is and I am here to join them. Look into performance fabrics like Crypton and Revolution Fabrics. These fabric are durable, stain resistant, and best of all washable with a simple soap and water solution. Looking for the perfect chair? Check out The MT Company and CR Laine. They have hundreds of options for chairs as well as fabrics. The ones we recommend The Holly chair, the Klein, and the Benson Chair.



Then Move on the Little Things

Once you have all your necessities you can start on the little things. Two very important things to remember about is storage and floor coverings. Storage is so important because you don’t want this room to end up being cluttered. Tripping over things in the middle of the night is not ideal. Another tip, don’t get stuck in the baby store. Look at other places for bookcases and dressers to find exactly what you want and all of the best deals! When at the correct height (around 32in-40in) a dresser out of an actual home décor section can pull together a nursery and give it a great look that you might not have considered. We suggest looking into companies like Uttermost and Stanley Furniture as they have many options for dressers that will work perfectly for you. The floor is sometimes over looked but nonetheless important. Babies are going to spend a lot of time and you might as well. Take this time to consider investing in a new carpet or if you have wood floors, look at getting an accent or area rug to cover some of the floor. This will be a life saver while you are sitting on the ground reading Goodnight Moon for the thirteenth time is a row.


Picking a Theme

No need to get a four year degree, this is something you can do. Maybe you have always had a color in mind that you wanted to paint the walls and maybe you have found a great, washable wall paper that you have saved for years (good thinking on the washable part!). But if you don’t, don’t panic, find some inspiration or look at color samples, if nothing stands out right away don’t worry! Find something else you like, something like a mobile, a painted canvas, a large rug, or artwork of your babies’ name and match from there! Don’t get too stuck on a theme and don’t stress yourself out over it, your baby will not know the difference and will love you the same.


  Art Work is Art Work

Themed art work is one of my favorite parts of a nursery. Cute little animals, butterflies, or race cars on canvases. This is something you could do by yourself! Try getting some paint and a canvas and testing out your art ability! If you’re not an artsy person try stencils! This is something fun you can do to save you from some of the stress. Also consider making hand or foot print canvases when the baby is born! Don’t be afraid to get creative! Mix and match colors and patterns, you never know what you might end up with! Don’t stop with canvases try a DIY project on making mobiles. Check out this link for some ideas!


Design with Growth in Mind

Babies grow, babies grow fast. Design your nursery while thinking ahead of time. Keep different month outfit separate so you don’t have to go through everything time and time again. Have a special place to hang current clothes and clothes they will grow into. If you don’t have much hanging space think about bins you can slide into a bookcase! Keeping a place for outfits that are now too small will help you stay organized and have a place to go back to and decide upon later. Look into cribs that age with your baby. Think about décor that isn’t geared primarily towards babies so you don’t have to redecorate again in a couple of years. All of these things will save you time and money in the future with just a little planning ahead now!



A whole section about night lights seem like a bit much but they are so incredibly important! Nightlights can change any room to a goodnight, ready to sleep mood in addition to black out curtains. Any light source can be turned into a nightlight with a special light bulb. Nightlight can also provide enough light to check on your little one without creating to much light to wake them.


This nursery is put together by one of our interns. She was focused on the big stuff first, finding a crib and a comfortable chair which is a glider called The Holly by CR Laine.  Then, focusing on the floor, found a soft rug that is stylish and comfortable. The art work on the wall is from Uttermost and can be accompanied by many other pieces to give the nursery any feel that you’d like. The gray paint that the designer choose creates a calm mood and brings out the art and the color in the room.


Kallen – Ivory ORG01-01


CR Laine- Holly 4115-SG


Curiosity – 34349


The designer on this board went for a different scene. She wanted to give the nursery more of a sophisticated look. She started with Joanna Gaines ship lap wallpaper, in order to keep the wall from looking too coastal she added a dark Stanley Furniture dresser that will serves as a baby changing station. The top of the dresser will serve it’s function and the drawers will add storage to the space and can hold a number of thing you might need to keep handy. To bring together the room the designer added a  skull mount, this was meant to bring a little sense of animals in which still keeping the overall look. The rug from Kallen brings more of an actual nursery feel into the space without disrupting everything else and create a soft and comfortable look to the room.


Stanley – Resort Haven’s Harbor Dresser in Channel Marker – 527327


Kallen – LAL08-75 Grey


Uttermost – Italo – 28120-1


Uttermost – Western Skull Mount – 51106


Johanna Gains – pattern number: X5NRHUH


With just a couple of these tips and tricks and you will be on your way to creating your dream nursery! With all of these things in mind hopefully you will be less stressed, have a plan, and start decorating your space? Have any questions or you can’t find what you’re looking for? Come on in to Albritton Interiors at 109A West Fire Tower Rd – Winterville, North Carolina we would love to see you and lend a hand!

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