Performance Fabrics for Everyday Life

No more flipping over couch cushions and unnecessary throws to hide stains! Performance fabrics make tricky stains easy to clean up!

So eat that ice cream sundae, bring on the barbecue, throw away the number to your cleaning service, and get cozy on your new sofa.


Performance fabrics come in all kinds of fun prints and colors, as well as formal and luxury patterns. These fabrics are built to withstand everything pets and kids can throw at them.

Performance fabrics are functional and durable enough to last, easy to clean and stain resistant enough to face your everyday life. As well as soft and beautiful enough to become your new favorite couch.

Founded in the 1960’s, Sunbrella starts their journey of making fabrics that are beautiful and most importantly functional. They branched away from the use of cotton, looking for something more durable and of better quality. They have since become well known for their marine canvas, shade structures, and indoor as well as outdoor furniture. Sunbrella caters fabrics that are Stain Resistant, Durable, Liquid Repellent, UV and Fade Resistance, and are GREENGUARD Certified. Sunbrella fabrics are either 5 or 10 year warrantied depending on the fabric line. This warranty includes products against fabrics that become damaged of fabrics strength and color in result of normal usage and exposure to sunlight, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals. Sunbrella strives to be environmentally conscious throughout all aspects of business. Their zero landfill policy means that none of Sunbrella’s manufacturing facilities sends any waste to landfills. Solar energy is another strategy used by Sunbrella, Not only do they use this to power buildings they also use this energy to be able to upgrade all light fixtures, as well as reduce their CO2 emissions by 1,000 tons! The color process specially developed for Sunbrella saves more water then conventional dyeing processes. This helps in Sunbrella’s effort to preserve the environment around them. They make a large effort to support animals and plants native to the area around then as well as implement an environmental plan to encourage employees. In addition to GREENGUARD certification, Sunbrella has many certifications for both the manufacturing and the use of their products including an OEKO-TEX Certification, Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval, FACTS Certification, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Sunbrella has implemented a recycle program, this programs allows customers to recycle their upholstered fabrics, awning covers, boat covers, and fabric scraps. 400,000 pounds of recycled fabrics have been turned into a second life of yarn for Sunbrella decorative fabrics since 2010.

Cleaning & Care for Sunbrella Fabrics

Crypton, a company passionate about fabric that can be tough and durable but still beautiful and comfortable, was started in the early 1990’s. Crypton produces fabrics for many different products from furniture to mattress protectors to children’s car seats. These fabrics are designed to last and preform through daily life tasks. Environmentally-friendly plant and fabric processes is not the only step that Crypton takes, they also pride themselves in the fact that all of their fabrics are free of potentially harmful levels of chemicals and flame retardants, for both the environment and their costumers. This company also has a recycling program for old and used products. Crypton has premium grade Durablity, are reliably Stain Resistant and Liquid Repellent, Odor Resistant. Crypton is also GREENGUARD Certified. Warranty on this brand includes 2 years of protection for the durability and performance of material as well as other manufacturing defects. Crypton has a detailed, material by material cleaning guide.

Cleaning & Care for Crypton Fabrics

Revolution is a company based in Kings Mountain, North Carolina and has been making fabrics since 1964. The company uses Polypropylene, or Olefin, which is a byproduct that used to just be burned off until a scientist invented this process . This is an environmentally safe process which uses the technique of up-cycling to manufacturer their products. Their process produces no waste water and uses very little land. These fabrics also contain NO PFC Chemicals. Revolutions products are Stain Resistant, Durable, and Liquid Repellent. Revolution fabric can only be found on furniture made in the United States. All of the base yarns used in factories are shipped from less than 200 miles of that factory. Revolution Fabrics are the greenest upholstered fabrics due to the manufacturing process of this material. The fabrics that Revolution produces are stain resistant based on the dying processes. Olefin is a totally inert material. The dying processes is done through mixing the pigments with the liquid polymer therefore the pigment becomes one with the yarn and this is why the fabric is so easy to clean. Using the Higgs index scale, polypropylene is the highest ranks material with cotton coming in at 26.8 and Bamboo rayon- viscose being one of the lowest scores of 18.9.  One of Revolution Fabric’s highest achievements is their lack of PFC Chemicals in their fabrics. These are chemicals that are often used in performance fabrics that are harmful to people, animals, and the environment.

Cleaning & Care for Revolution Fabrics

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