1. 1 cup of RED melts, melted

2. 1 cup of WHITE melts, melted

3. 1 cup of BLUE melts, melted

4. Any toppings you want to put on your tasty snack! Try edible gold stars, edible glitter, sprinkles, M&M’s, pretzels, or peanuts!


1. Add spoonfuls of melted RED, WHITE, AND BLUE candy melts onto a baking pan. Make sure to add twice as many spoonfuls of white candy melts then the red and blue.

2. To create a tie-dye effect, swirl the colors together using a knife an offset spatula. Hint: for small intricate swirl designs you can use a toothpick!

3. Top your creation with sprinkles, gold stars, and glitter. You can substitute these toppings out for anything you want. Try RED, WHITE, AND BLUE M&M’s, peanuts, or pretzels!

4. Freeze your sweet treat for 20 minutes and then break it up and serve.

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