There are many ways to get your home ready for summer! Some are easy, no hassle home decor items you can buy and place on your sofa or coffee table. And some are projects that will take a little more time and effort. Which ever you decide to take on your home will begin to look more summery than ever! Need help picking and choosing? Come on in! One of our designers would be happy to help!

Remove Heavy throw blankets and dark colored pillows

It’s time to get rid of the blankets and the dark, fuzzy pillows! Store them away until October, until then they will just be moved from couch to couch and thrown on the floor to make more room. They will also make your space seemed more cluttered. Now that they are gone let’s see what we can replace them with..

Bright and Patterns Pillows

Bright pillows are a great addition to a transitioning summer home! Don’t be afraid to add some crazy patterns as well! This will add interest to your space and give it a fun summertime vibe! Move past the living room and decorate with colorful dishtowels and place mats. This can give your kitchen some summer cheer as well!

Add plants, vases, and pitchers

Adding plants is going to help you bring the outside into your space. Adding the vases and pitchers are really just an incentive for you to invest in plants or flowers for your home. The empty containers will give you a chance to personalize your style to you and your family and give you the freedom to add whatever you want. This also give you the able  to change it up at anytime. Putting plants in a room isn’t only good for aesthetics, there also proven health benefits of having plants in your home. Plants are able to absorb the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and in return put out oxygen. Plants also act as a natural purifier they eliminate up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every 24 hours, according to NASA research. Wow! Thank you plants!

Add some personal touches

It’s always a good idea to add in personal touches to your space. Even after a big change in the design of your home those personal things will ground you back to the new space. A great thing to add that will be a little bit of old but add a little taste of new as well would be a traveling or finding bowl. This can be any sort of container where as you go through the summer and go on different adventures you can save one thing for each and collect them. This will keep your memories in a safe spot but won’t allow you to collect to much stuff either! Books are another great thing to add! Arrange your favorite books on your coffee table, it will look great and might encourage you and your family to read more! If your designing into the kitchen a coffee cart is a great place to sneak in a little more design. Again think about those bright colors. Also consider adding in some fun shapes and greenery!

dont forget about the outside area!

Make sure whatever kind of outdoor area that you have is up-to-date and summer time ready! Add everything above to these spaces and get ready to grill out, chill out, and have the best summer yet! Have any questions, comments, or convcerns please feel free to let us know. One of our designers would love to work with you to get your home ready for the summer festivities!

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