Performance Fabrics Takes the Worries!

Summer is here! No one wants to spend time worrying about stains on the couch when they could be planning the next big get together! Invest in some performance fabrics and worry no more! Here at Albritton we offer 3 main performance fabrics. These brands include Sunbrella, Crypton, and Revolution. All of these brands can be found through our CR Laine line!


This fabric is designed with the fact that fabric should both be beautiful and functional. It is founded with the purpose to last longer and withstand more life than cotton. Sunbrella fabrics are currently very popular with shade structures, marine canvases, and indoor and outdoor applications. Not only is Sunbrella fabric fade resistant it is also stain resistant! It is super easy to remove stains from their fabrics. They include a cleaning guide on their website for all different kinds of food.


Crypton started with a mission to change the way people interacted with fabrics. They wanted fabric to be soft and touchable but to make it better. They offer a variety of fabrics that aren’t only beautiful and user friendly but functional and stain resistance. They are fabrics that will withstand your every day life. So bring on the hot dogs with a little too much ketchup.


Here at Albritton Interiors we have Revolution fabrics both for sale by CR Laine and also by yardage. This means if you like a frame by another company we can still provide Revolution Fabrics! These fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, extremely durable, and fade resistant from the sun and still soft to the touch.

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